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Patient Advocacy in Montgomery County, MD

Even the savviest person can find it confusing to navigate through the endless list of questions, concerns, and issues that result while dealing with a medical crisis. The stress that comes with making sense of it all can leave anyone, including their loved ones, frustrated and unsure of what the most effective course of action should be. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of how to best work through the maze of health care options, Empower Healthcare Advocates, LLC provides compassionate guidance to ensure appropriate, quality short or long-term care. Our services save time, money, and help achieve peace of mind, so patients can focus on recovery.

Why work with Empower Healthcare Advocates, LLC?


during complex health challenges and decisions with a client-centered approach. We listen and provide information that will help you make decisions.


to help find the most effective and appropriate course of action. We dig through information that will help you move forward.


to the right resources, including clinical trials, medical, legal, and financial. We comb through technical documents and find resources that will help answer questions.


of time, money, and emotional distress for both patients and their loved ones. We’re here to help you see options and next steps.